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Made by Price


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The Problem

When a spot has amazing footage, the goal of the designer is to not screw it up.  How do you integrate vector text without taking away from the beautifully shot and simplistic footage, and implement it for three size ratios?


The Solution

All of the animation was integrated into the environment, and interacts or replicates the movement of the live action footage so it adds to the well shot footage, not take away from it. The purpose of the animation was to fit into the scene, not to stand out.


The Process

This project took several rounds of revisions to get the type animation to interact with the ingredients just right. Along with the text animation was several scenes needing clean up/ comping (one of the scenes is made up of 8 takes) , which if I did my job right you won’t know which ones. The final touches were animated splashes and sugar chips, to fully itnegrate the text and live action footage.


Creative Agency: McCann

Post House: GPS