Made by Price
Made by Price


Sensodyne Rapid Relief

Art Direction • Motion Graphics

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The Problem

One word: Speed

Not only in visual representation, but the quick three week turnaround of two :30 spots, from design concepts > animation > final delivery. 


The Solution

A team of two 2D animators, two 3D animators, and a Flame artist to work simultaneously to accomplish the quick turnaround.




The Process

Created 2D Particle Animations in the foreground & background using Particular and Plexus, seamlessly incorporated 3D packaging into 2D scenes, text integration, and a custom rotating speedometer driven by expressions.




The Process

Used intricate tracking in every scene to help tell the story of speed. We achieved this by tracking a grid onto every floor plain, several meters/speedometers, motion flourishes, and an automated stop watch.


Post House: GPS