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Made by Price

General Mills - Old

General Mills • Star Wars


Tasked with transforming a plastic spoon into a lightsaber from a galaxy far far away, while also adhering to the many rules that come with the largest film franchise in the world with Disney & Lucasfilm. The original pitch for the spot was great, but it was missing a compelling ending. So this project actually started by coming up with the idea to have a Cheerio fly into the camera screen, wiping to the cereal lockup. My next role was on set, as the Technical Director, making sure all elements were shot properly for ease of use in post-production. Then stepping into the role of Art Director, overseeing a team of 2D & 3D animators to bring the spoon-saber to life, and Animator, tracking streaks of particles to the spoon, and adding atmosphere to the daydream environment. All of this combines for a whimsical spot, and my own unique touch on the world of Star Wars.


Art Direction • Technical Direction • Motion Graphics • Particles

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi


Very Berry Cheerios


General Mills wanted to create awareness for their new product, Very Berry Cheerios. To do this, they wanted to create one :05 tag for their national commercials. My first role for this project was as Creative Director, working directly with the client to pitch a few directions for the spot. They liked the treatments so much, they wanted to move forward and produce two versions, one Live Action for adults, and one Animated for kids. Next, I took on the role of copywriter, charged with fitting several lines of copy into one :05 tag. And my final role was as the animator bringing the stop motion Cheerios to life. The final result was two fun tags, one geared towards adults and one toward children.

Endtag • Live Action


Creative Director


Endtag • Animation

Creative Director • Motion Graphics