Made by Price
Made by Price



Art Direction • Motion Graphics • Compositing



The Problem

Otrivin is an allergy relief nasal spray, that was looking to show a more interesting Demo for their TVC’s. The creative direction was to make it look like the person had a 3D lightmapping on their face. Do you 3D project the animation, or recreate it in post?


The Solution

To achieve this, we decided to map the man’s face in post-production so the animation could be altered for several nasal products, changing colors and area of infection.


The Process

The first step was tracking the man’s face in After Effects and then attaching a modified 3D face model using Element 3D. Then the 2D particle lights were created using Trapcode Particular & the mesh with Plexus, and were then mapped onto the 3D model to achieve the look of a 3D lightmap.


Creative Agency: Grey

Post House: GPS