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Made by Price

Purina One

Purina One

Art Direction • Motion Graphics



The Problem

There was a very simple creative approach to Purina One. Instead of a lot of camera movement or cuts, they wanted very minimal camera movement, and allow the dog bowl be the focal point. Also, this text driven spot needed to be created in both English & French.


True Instinct English


True Instinct French


The Solution

Using subtle shadows and slightly beveled text, created the sense of dimension and helped ground the text and packaging into the environment. Instead of forcing the text to be treated the exact same in both English & French, we used the same space but different layouts.


The Process

This spot was created inside of After Effects, using a camera to add depth. There was a combination of live action footage cut with the text and camera movements. The bags on the end frame needed to be replaced, for different spots depending on the highlighted product, so they were animated inside of After Effects using forced perspective and puppet pins.


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