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Made by Price


Rolex • US Open

Creative Direction • Animation

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The Problem

Tell the history of the partnership between Rolex and the US Open Championship, using only still photography assets. This concept video started as many do, with limited assets and a tight turnaround.


The Solution

My idea was to create Plotagraphs, separating the foregrounds from the backgrounds, and subtly animating the golfers & secondary objects. The addition of slight motion from grass and light flares is what really brought this spot to life. Plotagraphy also bridged the gap between the old and new photographs. Since the U.S. Open is shown on 16:9 television screens, the use of an 2.39:1 Anamorphic Widescreen aspect ratio lifted the spot from the photograph’s original context.


The Process

This project started in Adobe Photoshop, separating the foreground elements, like the golfers and hills, from the backgrounds of grass and crowds of people. Next, the layers were brought into Adobe After Effects, where they were separated into 3D space to add camera depth, movement, and focus. The main component was the subtle animations of the golfers using the Puppet Pin tool combined with depth mattes to give a sense of mass and super slow motion. The final piece was the addition of Optical Flares from the sun, Trapcode Particular for rain drops, and secondary motion like grass or tees, all wrapped in an Anamorphic Widescreen aspect ratio.


Creative Agency: JWT

Post House: GPS